• Private Label ESO Strawberry Cream Cake

ESO Strawberry Cream Cake

Fantastically smooth strawberry coconut creme cake! Perfect on an RDA/RBA, and very favorable in a clearomizer or tank.
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  • "Size: 15ml","Strength: 0mg"
  • "Size: 15ml","Strength: 3mg"
  • "Size: 15ml","Strength: 6mg"
  • "Size: 15ml","Strength: 12mg"
  • "Size: 15ml","Strength: 18mg"
  • "Size: 15ml","Strength: 24mg"
  • "Size: 50ml","Strength: 0mg"
  • "Size: 50ml","Strength: 3mg"
  • "Size: 50ml","Strength: 6mg"
  • "Size: 50ml","Strength: 12mg"
  • "Size: 50ml","Strength: 18mg"
  • "Size: 50ml","Strength: 24mg"
  • "Size: 60ml","Strength: 0mg"
  • "Size: 60ml","Strength: 3mg"
  • "Size: 60ml","Strength: 6mg"
  • "Size: 60ml","Strength: 12mg"
  • "Size: 60ml","Strength: 18mg"
  • "Size: 60ml","Strength: 24mg"
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Fantastically smooth strawberry coconut creme cake! Perfect on an RDA/RBA, and very favorable in a clearomizer or tank.
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