• Marina Candy Line by Aqua
  • Marina Candy Line by Aqua
  • Marina Candy Line by Aqua

Candy Line by Aqua

Two great Candy flavors by the ever so popular Aqua brand. Sour melon and Rainbow Drops
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Sour Melon e-liquid by Aqua Sweets delivers a rush of sweet summer watermelon wedges sprinkled with sour sugar for a mouth-squinching sweetness that your vape taste buds are sure to love. Keep your sweet tooth cravings at bay with the lush taste of sweet watermelons and sour sugar in every cloud!

Rainbow Drops is a colorful assortment of chewy fruit candies will dance across your palate with each and every vape. This e-liquid features all the flavors you might imagine in a rainbow such as sweetened red Strawberries, purple Grapes, and a touch of tart Green Apples. If that wasn’t enough, this flavor explosion gets filled out with bright citrusy Orange notes on the exhale that’s complimented by sour Lemon Limes.

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